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JULY 18, 1991 to MAY 16, 2004

   Our Precious boy. We miss you so. You've been gone for such a long time but there is still such a void in our lives when we think of you. You were so special and brought so much joy to our lives and the lives of everyone who new you and to those that have had the privilage of having one of your offspring as part of their family.  I remember how we impatiently waited for you and your siblings to be born. We had no doubt that you would all be beautiful but we never could have imagined just how beautiful you would be. Each and every puppy in your litter was everything we had hoped for but the first time you opened those beautiful, sweet, soft eyes and looked at me, I fell in love. I knew you were the one, you were our Boy.  When you were 7 months old, you and Dan, your Dad and favorite person in the world, went into the ring together for your first Specialty, the (1992 Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Club Specialty). You won Best of Opposite in Sweepstakes over so many other gorgeous pups from top Breeders so suddenly everyone began to realize just how special you were. You quickly came to be known on a first name basis by most everyone who knows English Labradors. You are considered by many to be one of the Great Ones, one of the influential Champions in the history of Labradors and one that will never be forgotton because of all of the wonderful qualities that you contributed to the Labrador Breed. Your gorgeous head, perfect topline, beautiful front and rear angulation, flawless movement, deep barrel chest, beautiful coat and amazing disposition and personality.

You were so soft, sweet and gentle but you could also be such a clown.  Many people that had one of your offspring in their family would come out and visit just to meet you. You somehow seemed to know that they were there just for you and you would walk right up to them and lay your head gently on each of their laps and let them pet you and fall in love with you, then you would just quietly lay at their feet, making each one feel important. Each day you would be so excited to meet Dan at the end of the driveway so he would give you the mail to bring into the house. You were so funny when you would collect any towels that the kids had left on the bathroom floor and you would prance in to us with your head held high, carrying everything your mouth could hold. I'd tell you, "Okay, now take it to the laundry room", and you would do just that, then you would come and quietly sit in front of me and look me right in the eyes and wait for a kiss or a nuzzle to let you know that I thought you did a good job? When I would proudly tell you about an accomplishment of one of your kids or Grandkids in the shows, obedience ring or the field, you would just wiggle and talk like you knew exactly what I was saying. I know you were letting me know that you were very proud of them too.

     You always had to have something in your mouth but you never tore up or chewed up any of your toys, you would just cuddle them and carry them around with you.  If I happened to be reading or watching something on TV that made me sad, you somehow knew. Even if you were sleeping you seemed to know if any one of us was sad or sick. You would wake up suddenly and come right over and lay your head in our lap and look intently at us to see if we were okay. If we said: "I'm okay baby", then you would roll over on your back and start to grumble, talk and roll from side to side and you would act so happy and silly. You worried about all of us but you were so happy just to know that everyone was okay. I could go on and on about you because you were just so adorable, so intuitive, sweet, gentle and kind and you loved everyone and every living thing that you ever came in contact with. I never saw you act any other way. We all loved you so dearly and we are so very grateful that we had the privilage of having you in our lives. We will always love you and you will always be in our hearts and all of our fondest memories. Rest peacefully Dear Boy.  
Your family,
Dan, Shannon and Maria


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